UPKEEP Home Warranty + Maintenance offers one of the highest levels of protection available today for all of your critical household systems.

We understand your frustration when a home warranty company denies you services due to lack of maintenance, when that company has been unresponsive or unhelpful, or when they have failed to provide service repairmen in a timely fashion. As a superior home maintenance solution, it’s our mission at UPKEEP to provide you with excellent local customer service. That is why the Better Business Bureau has awarded us an A+ rating! We’re pretty proud of that! No home warranty company can come close! Our UPKEEP Home Warranty + Maintenance service is tailored to fit all of your home maintenance needs. Between our CEO, Jerry Nevins, our President, Billy Dawson, and our VP of Marketing, Kevin Pannebecker, we have years of experience in maintenance, management, and entrepreneurship.

Jerry Head

Jerry Nevins, CEO

For over 30 years, Jerry has been involved in the Manufacturing and Home Improvement and repair business. During his manufacturing career, Jerry was a senior manager for an Automotive Supplier manufacturing interior trim components for companies such as General Motors, Ford and Toyota. This experience provided Jerry with the business acumen and the tools needed to launch and run a successful business. Jerry is a data-driven manager that understands that quality and customer service is #1.

His real passion, though, has been in the areas of home improvement and construction. He loves fixing and building things. Jerry has worked in and around the home construction business for most of his life, working at a young age for family members that were top craftsmen in their trades. He spent years working nights and weekends running a small business, called Mister Fix-it, doing home repairs and remodeling. Jerry has built several homes from the ground up and understands how home systems work and how they should be maintained.  As a result, he is hands-on and can build or repair just about anything. Jerry is considered, by his peers, to be an expert in both home improvement and home maintenance.

Jerry has completed formal training with an emphasis in Business Management, Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Industrial Electricity. As a diehard Entrepreneur, he loves the thrill of building a successful business and helping people reach their potential.

Billy Head

Billy Dawson, President

With over 30 years of hands-on experience in the home improvement and home repair business, Billy is a true professional. Billy is a retired fireman that has also worked as a home builder, major project remodeler and fire, smoke and water damage restoration expert to name a few.

As an Entrepreneur, Billy has built several successful businesses along the way and is a true believer in premier customer service. To Billy, service is not a by-product of doing business, but an intention that helps you create your business! He is a savvy businessman and friend to many. He is active in his church and community and loves helping others. Everybody knows and loves Billy D.

Billy brings proven insight that can only be acquired through years of hard work and dedication to his customers and his profession. He is a true professional.

Kevin Head

Kevin Pannebecker, VP Marketing

Kevin’s background is in senior sales management with an emphasis on developing partnerships and alliances with other businesses.  He has a history of leading highly-successful sales teams from start-ups to established organizations.  Kevin has a strong commitment to customer communication and service as he understands that is the only way to build a long-term profitable company. 

He has successfully completed numerous remodeling projects on his own and on friend’s homes and understands how things work and how they go together.  This knowledge and understanding will help you improve or repair your home, too.


At UPKEEP, we offer a routine home service plan and maintenance program WITH a full home warranty component, all in one complete package. No other home warranty or service today provides professional maintenance of your critical household systems and appliances. We do!

Check out our A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau. We're pretty proud of it! As your one-stop home maintenance solution, we supply superior service that satisfies all your home maintenance needs!

Starting at $1188/year